TIP and NSW blueprint to be ready in mid-2018


- MoU to be signed with identified organizations to obtain updated trade-related information - NTFC Chairperson says implementation of TIP and NSW will ensure transparency, predictability in all border clearance processes - PM Group affirms speedy project kickoff to develop NSW and TIP

Updated on : 23-07-2018

TIP and NSW blueprint to be ready in mid-2018

 Sri Lanka has formulated an action plan to implement the provisions of the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA), which has been agreed by the members of the NTFC. The project aims to deliver improved transparency,

Speaking at the introductory workshop organised by the National Trade Facilitation Committee (NTFC) to explore the roles and responsibilities of participating agencies in this project, Department of Commerce Director General and NTFC Co-Chairperson Sonali Wijeratne said a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) would be signed with each identified organisation in order to obtain updated trade-related information in the near future, which would provide a legal basis for development and the operation of the portal.

In a major boost to streamline trade, Sri Lanka expects to complete the proposed Trade Information Portal (TIP) and the blueprint of the National Single Window (NSW) by the middle of next year, a top official confirmed yesterday.
predictabilityandSri Lanka Customs Director General and NTFC Chairperson P.S.M.

“It is necessary to identify the information to be published, key stakeholders and continuous coordination and cooperation with its related agencies for the successful implementation and sustainability of these initiatives,” Wijeratne added.

However, she pointed out that there were many concerns that needed to be addressed in the immediate future with related institutions and bureaucrats in order to successfully implement it by the middle of next year.

availability of trade-related information, increase the level of compliance to legislation and regulation, enhance the speed at which business may be transacted, reduce the cost of doing business and bring down bureaucracy.
CharlesemphasisedIn addition, PM Group TIP Adviser Chris Lewis-Jones enlightened participants on the concept and purpose of NSW and TIP and their contribution to Sri Lanka’s trade reforms agenda. (CdeS)

He said the project would be implemented under the direct leadership of the NTFC in collaboration with Sri Lanka Customs and the Department of Commerce.

PM Group Project Manager Peter Norkunas said they would soon commence the project to develop NSW and TIP to facilitate trade reforms to fast-track trading in the country.

As the Chairperson of NTFC, she also commended the PM Group, a consultancy firm hired by the World Bank Group, for assisting Sri Lanka in implementing these two important projects.

With both these projects essentially involving various institutions throughout their implementation and operational phases, Charles asked all stakeholders for their engagement and support for the successful implementation and sustainability of these initiatives.

“Implementation of the trade portal will ensure transparency and predictability in all border clearance processes, while the NSW system will enable all regulatory agencies that play a role in border clearance access to the system to attend their part of the clearance process,” she said.

that the implementation of the trade portal would ensure transparency and predictability in all border clearance processes.

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